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Is it okay to talk about this?

I am telling about English native speakers or foreigners in Korea.
This can be a rather controversial issue. But it is how I am feeling today.... so please understand me.
If you feel uncomfortable, don't read this entry.

As I am engaged in English language teaching industry, sometimes I need to ask help English native speakers to do our jobs as follows.

recording (voice actor)
modeling (photo shooting)
training teachers by demonstrating model teaching

Some of them are engaged in agencies. They do recording or modeling arranged by thier agency.
Others do these as a part time job. Some of them work for language institutions.

Anyway... I was fooled by two foreigners these days. My company is now looking for a presenter who can train teachers by demonstrating model teaching. I interviewed some and asked them to give a trial presentation.

One was a Canadian who get married to a Korean girl. He was very confident with the job but the day when we were supposed to have a trial presentation, he did not come without any notice. He even did not answer my phone. I was very mad! It happned a week ago.

The other was an African American (as he told). But later it turned out that he was a Nigerian and had lied about all of his private information and career stuff. I was very very pissed off again. It happned today.

I don't want judge English native speakers in Korea but I can not help thinking that many of them are not responsible and they underestimate me, my company, and even my country.


Anonymous Song said...

Yes I agree with you in some parts that not a few foreigners(mostly the so-called 'native english speakers') do not have the qualification for their job(teaching english, etc) and and just look for money. But at the same time I believe there are more good people. So just forget about those bad things. Look on the bright side^^

10:53 p.m.  
Blogger Lonestar said...

Of course is it ok to talk about this. I am really sorry that you had such a negative experience with a few foreigners, but I assure you that many of us do not underestimate your country. Many of us are very eager to learn from, respect, and simply appreciate Korea. Me included.

Please ignore the idiots that come here and just focus on the good guys. :)

1:23 p.m.  
Blogger mjthegreat said...

those people are what we call "Unprofessional people", they don't value the time and people are they supposed to meet... let them be, they won't succeed if their attitude is like that. Cheer uP! :)

1:50 p.m.  
Blogger Zed said...

I think that there are many problems between Koreans and English speakers that seem to be misunderstandings cause by the different ways each type of person thinks but in this case you just got a lazy white guy and a dishonest black guy.

Most of my friends are yellow (Asian) here in Australia because I find that all white people want to do is drink beer until they pass, get violent, and have sex. Don't get me started on black people, I've worked with them too long, and won't work with them again if I can help it.

It's no surprise that a lot of yellow guys get pissed off with yellow girls going out with white guys, and I'm white so I know what these white guys say about their “girlfirends”. They don't really show respect for them or their family.

I had better stop here before I go too far, though I probably have already gone too far.

3:46 p.m.  
Anonymous ruth said...

Be careful next time. There are two kinds of people, the one who fooled and the other who is being fooled. Charge to experience.

4:04 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi ,

Well I am iranian but I have been living in canda since I was 14 and now I am 19. I love korean people and everything about korea music, movies, food and everything. well, I have many korean friends. I guess u have a little bias toward these native people. I hope u won't get hurt by these little things.


System Design engi Student

University of Waterloo

12:17 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am sure that there are also koreans who irresponsibly do not turn up for appointments so i won't say that is the common behaviour to expect from a caucasian.

but i think a fair number of caucasians in asia are not as qualified as they make themselves up to be.

i have read a few blogs of caucasions taking teaching positions in korea. a good number of them were faced with or had taken up jobs in the service industry in their home countries and korea offered an alternative. i'm not saying that working in the service industry is bad, but not every caucasian and english-speaking waiter/waitress can be/is a good teacher.

a good number don't try to understand the living, work and study culture of their host country. they spend a fair number of school nights at itaewon drinking themselves silly into the wee hours when there is work the next morning. they don't prepare for lessons. they don't speak standard english, but their own rendition with strong accents and bad grammar. they are not equipped with the basic knowledge or skills to teach.

it happens even in an asian country like mine where the official language is english. i guess patience and good luck are needed if you're looking for people who are proficient in english in korea.

3:25 a.m.  
Blogger flowerful said...

I think it was a good chance that made me more alert to thoses people. ;) Thank all of you for giving your opinions.

2:08 p.m.  
Blogger corruptindia said...

It's not that only those foreigners (possibly Americans/Canadians) did not show up and behaved like that.

I run a call center here in India and these days it's like a disease among youngsters. No morality and ethics. They'll fix time for an interview and won't show up. They'll get an offer letter from you and use it to get still higher salary in another company. Or they even show up for a day and then disappear. So one has to again start the recruitment process.

May be because this is a boom time and people know there are ample opportunities available.

6:24 a.m.  

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