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Ideal style can differ from the real one.

Everyone has his/her own ideal for the opposite sex.
When someone ask me what the ideal type to me is, I used to say, "Well....I don't know. Someone who loves me?"
However once I found such a vague point of view does not help me meet someone who loves me. I thought it is necessary for me to set the concrete ideal style!! So I made up list. ( There might be few people who fit to my list, I know. He )
I know only a guy who is similar to the ideal, but it is not likely for me to love him. Of course I like him. He is kind, smart, diligent, and good looking! It weird that ideal style could be differnt from the real man, isn't it. What a tricky girl!


Blogger LemonCloud said...

Ideal is not reality. I doubt if most people are going out with their ideal person. Perhaps a guideline list will be more suitable?

4:11 p.m.  

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