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Do you believe in love?

The lover was a liar? Where is the truth about feeling?
One's feeling is so changable and dynamic that love that is a sort of feeling is varible as well.

Love is a powerful, which makes people drive crazy and bold but love can be changed much.
If someone falls in love at first impression, the love can be strong more than any other ones.
But can the kind of love be called 'love?'

I can't see.
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Blogger LemonCloud said...

I think that love at first sight still exists for other people but not me. I believe that it is in the process of knowing the person that causes you to fall for him/her. Or at least after observing that person for some time then you got attracted by his/her gestures, way of doing ways or even a smile, etc. I think it is more romantic this way.

Love is an emotion that requires a lot of things to sustain it. Being truthfully, honest, considerate, kind, polite, concern and more are all parts of love. How strong love can be depends on individuals. Love can never be measured.

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